Our Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, Core Values, and Culture Statement define PACE.

Mission Statement

Improving the lives of our people and local communities.

Guiding Principles

  • Maintain honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • Provide exceptional, individual customer service.
  • Encourage and facilitate the professional development of our team members.
  • Strive for responsible growth of the company without compromising our core values.
  • Employ innovative strategies to produce practical solutions.

Core Values

  • Family: PACE is centered around family, encouraging family first and treating employees like family.
  • Integrity: PACE does what is right for our clients and team members, striving for excellence and owning mistakes, no matter the consequences.
  • Flexibility: PACE encourages a work-life balance with freedom to facilitate and enjoy life inside and outside of work.
  • Teamwork: PACE employees are respectful, caring, and supportive, resulting in strong camaraderie and effective collaboration.

Culture Statement

At PACE, our family and flexibility are priorities that foster a fulfilled life. Intertwining integrity and our family values creates an environment where camaraderie flourishes, teamwork is emphasized, and excellence prevails.