On May 13th, PACE jumped in the mud once again at the 2023 Shasta Mud Run held at Hawes Ranch.  The mud run is a tradition at PACE, started by Fred Lucero. Fred was always coming up with new ideas to get people involved, compete, and have fun. The annual Shasta Mud Run was just one such idea, and PACE has been “mudding it up” since 2018 because of him. Starting with the global Tough Mudder event, Fred started to see the benefit of this type of team-building challenge for his coworkers and eventually brought PACE into the action on a local level. From our first team of 28 runners to this year’s 31, we have had one of the largest group representations over the last few years at the Shasta Mud Run, and we fully intend on keeping the tradition for years to come. It’s just one of many ways we remember one of our own and continue to keep PACE running at full-speed-ahead every year. Mud Up, PACE!